148. 5 Questions To Bridge Your Mental Health and Spiritual Life w/ Dr. Anita Phillips

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Are you feeling emotionally and spiritually lost?

@DrAnitaPhillips has exactly what you need. Dr. Anita Phillips is a world-renowned expert lauded for her unique and powerful blend of spirituality and mental health advocacy. For centuries, spiritual communities and psychology communities have shunned each other, but Dr. Anita sees both spirituality and mental health as having inextricable ties.

For Dr. Anita, our mental health is directly tied to our beliefs about purpose, life, and deity. In a time where the world is in crisis, our beliefs about where we go after we leave this world, for example, have profound conscious and subconscious effects on our mental health. She provides POWERFUL excessive to help us get to these beliefs so that we can start having a foundation on which to anchor emotional wellness.

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