A Conversation With Coco, Cleo and Pilar on Toxic Masculinity: Brittany Renner vs Fresh and Fit, and TikTok

Buckle up, Cowe's because this week, the three of us discuss Toxic Masculinity and the rounds it's making on TikTok. It all started after seeing the Brittany Renner vs. Fresh and Fit viral TikToks, which you can check out here and here. We deep dive into a conversation on why toxic masculinity is running rampant online, we talk about the "used vagina and disrespectful mouth" guy on TikTok (you remember, the 5'1 guy) and we even get to discussing the other guy who says he'd leave his wife (a wife he doesn't have by the way) if she didn't snap back and go to the gym after having their kid.

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