A Conversation With Jyoti Matharoo On Dating Oil Tycoons, Her Brand Oil Tycoon and How To Get The Best BBL

Buckle up Cowe's!! This week we sit down with our friend Jyoti Matharoo, one-half of the Matharoo sisters. She spills the tea on her scandal a few years back with the Nigerian Oil Tycoon (hint: it's not what you heard in the media), tells us everything about her new haircare brand Oil Tycoon (god, this is the best branding EVER), and how to get a SNATCHURAL BBL. This is an honest and refreshing conversation on so many topics, so make sure to listen in and tell us what you think!

You can follow Jyothi on Instagram and if you want to purchase her BBL guide, you can find it HERE. If you want to check out the NY Times article we referenced, you can read it HERE.

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