A Conversation With Coco, Cleo and Pilar: 72 Questions Part 2 (ish)

Your favourite trio is back after a much-needed, break for the holidays! We're diving right back into things with the highly requested 72 Questions Pt II (ish), where much to our dismay, we aren't drunk. Nevertheless, we are happy to be back and in action, and we promise you, this episode won't let you down. Here are links to a bunch of great stuff we reference in the episode:

  • Listen to our first 71 Questions episode here
  • Coco's favourite influencer right now is @MdMotivator
  • P's favourite influencer right now is @MaggieMacDonald
  • You can watch Tinx's explanation of diet coke rankings here
  • Follow Coco on TikTok here

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