The ultimate British success story, with Richard Reed CBE, co-founder of Innocent and JamJar Investments - The Classics Collection

The story of Innocent is a phenomenal one - simply built on 3 friends deciding at university they wanted to start a business together allowing them to hang out every day. In this episode, Richard Reed, co-founder of Innocent and now co-founder of Jam Jar reveals that they settled on smoothies as 'the product' on a hangover(!) and the entrepreneurial roller coaster ensued. 

With numerous highs along the journey, as well as epic lows during the financial crisis, Richard shares his journey and lessons along the way. Today, Innocent is regarded as the front runner in creative marketing and breaking the mould by doing things just a bit differently.

In 2013, Innocent was sold for a reported £320 million to Coca-Cola! So what does an entrepreneur do the day after ‘making it’? Well in Richard’s case, he started a new business!

Emotional, honest and soulful, this conversation is a rare insight into Richard's philosophy on business, his view on doing good in the world and the importance of thinking outside the box.