How to build a brand with £600 from the kitchen table, with Julie Deane OBE, founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company - The Classic Collection

Julie Deane was Holly’s first ever guest and a truly inspirational way to kick off the collection.

Charting the rollercoaster ride that was the meteoric rise of the Cambridge Satchel Company, over the course of their conversation, Holly & Julie talked about the importance of a supportive family and what motivated Julie to start her business. They also delve into the difficulties of scaling a business and how companies change as they grow.

An incredible woman with such drive, a no-nonsense approach, and a brilliant sense of humour, her story will not only resonate with female founders, but as she shares the early stages of founding the company on just £600 this is a story that will ignite the imagination of anyone dreaming of building a life they love and following their passion.