Episode #4 - Free/Space

In our newest episode, we hear a sonic investigation of free space: real, virtual, and imagined. We hear from Louise O’Kelly and Marlies Augustijn, organizers of Block Universe, a performance art festival based in London. Challenged by the current pandemic, they discuss: How? When? Where? An audio-based performance by Anissa Tamene follows. Our conversation then hones in on “Free/Space,” rethinking the spaces in which we live, work, occupy, and imagine. What could a truly free space look like? Participants in this conversation include a diverse group of researchers, artists and designers composed by Sibonelo Gumede (South Africa), Sonia Barrett (UK/Germany), Usha Seejarim (South Africa), and Syowia Kyambi (Kenya). Finally, ending our episode is a sonic experience by artist Aho Ssan, curated by Joseph Kamaru (KMRU). The series is produced by Sylvain Souklaye, with Dalida María Benfield and Chris Bratton. The conversation on “Free/Space” was recorded at the AfroQueer Podcast studios, Nairobi, with engineer Tevin Sudi. 

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