Episode #2 - Radical Listening

KMRU, a sound artist and field recordist from Nairobi (Kenya), introduces their relation to audio, sonic and vibration. KMRU speaks on ways of relating to space through sound, as sound both creates a memory of the physical presence, at the same time as it creates a map of a new land. Afterwards, we discuss Radical Listening with our guests, exploring the importance of sound in relation to architecture, writing, location, education and activism. What do we hear when we stop talking? What do we hear from others, not only people but the populous world around us? What sounds emerge, what silences, what understandings? The conversation group is composed of sound artist KMRU (Kenya), researcher Pelin Tan (Turkey), writer Michelle Angwenyi (Nairobi/Kenya), and artist/researcher and Projects Director at CAD+SR Mary Ellen Strom (US). Portions of this program were recorded at the AfroQueer podcast studios in Nairobi, Kenya.


Joseph Kamaru (KMRU), is notable for making intelligent atmospheric and emotionally evocative electronic music. KMRU works to inject a dose of experimentation and space in his music. Giving a personal touch using everything from gritty indigenous sounds to field recordings or intricate sonic landscapes. 

Pelin Tan 

Pelin Tan, is a researcher on methodology and field of critical spatial practices, alternative pedagogies, and conflict territories from Turkey and the 6th recipient of the Keith Haring Art&Activism. Tan, co-directed films about the future of art&society with artist Anton Vidokle.

Michelle K. Angwenyi 

Michelle K. Angwenyi is a writer from Nairobi, Kenya. She was shortlisted for the 2018 Brunel Africa International Poetry Prize, and for the 2017 Short Story Day Africa Prize. Michelle has a chapbook, Gray Latitudes, forthcoming later this year from the African Poetry Book Fund and Akashic Books.

Mary Ellen Strom

Mary Ellen Strom is an artist, curator and educator. Her place-based, interdisciplinary artworks are produced with communities including ranchers, scientists, Indigenous Scholars, urban planners and politicians. Projects focus on environmental and social justice are exhibited in internationally. Awards include ArtPlace America, International Fulbright Scholar, National Endowment for the Arts, MAP Fund, Artadia Fund, VIA Fund, Art Matters, Creative Capital. Strom is the Project Director for CAD+SR.  

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