Episode #1 – Dis/Order

Usha Seejarim, artist from South Africa, introduces a key moment of transformation in her life, when she was asked to design a permanent public memorial for Nelson Mandela in anticipation of his death. Afterwards, we converse with sociologist of the arts Margarita Kuleva (Russia), artist/researcher Bruno Moreschi (Brazil) and technology researcher/activist Jackline Kemigisa (Uganda) about how they see their work in relation to the theme of Dis/Order. Portions of this program were recorded at the AfroQueer podcast studios in Nairobi, Kenya.

Bruno Moreschi

Researcher and multidisciplinary artist. Postdoctoral fellow at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the University of São Paulo (FAUUSP), PhD in Arts at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), with a Capes scholarship, and exchange at the University of Arts of Helsinki (Kuva Art Academy), Finland, via CIMO Fellowship. His academic and artistic investigations are related to the deconstruction of systems and the decoding of their procedures and social practices – including here (but not only) experiences in the visual arts system and its spaces of legitimation. He currently conducts experiments in the field of Artificial Intelligence, in reverse engineering processes to carry out expanded practices of institutional critique and studies on human layers present in the training and maintenance of contemporary digital infrastructures. Projects recognized by scholarships, exhibitions and institutions such as Van Abbemuseum, 33rd Bienal de São Paulo, Rumos Award, Funarte, Capes and Fapesp. He is currently a researcher on the Histories of AI: Genealogy of Power (Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Cambridge University), senior researcher at the Center for Arts, Design and Social Research (CAD+SR) and one of the coordinators of GAIA / C4AI / Inova USP, a group of researchers from different fields in the construction of democratic, artistic and experimental methods in the use of programming, machine learning and Artificial Intelligences – always considering the specifics of the Global South context.

Jackline Kemigisa

Jackline Kemigisa is a feminist Journalist and Podcaster interested in the intersection between technology and the media. Currently, she is pursuing a Masterʼs degree in Digital Journalism and technologies. Before this, Jackline ran a hybrid publication called Parliament Watch, a platform that monitors and updates on Parliament of Uganda, East African Legislative Assembly through leveraging new technology as its primary means of communication as an editor and researcher on Parliamentary democracy in Uganda. The Africa Innovation summit has featured her work among the top 50 technology solutions under the media category, and she is currently sitting on the Africa Innovate board, representing Eastern Africa. As a journalist, her work has been published by the Womenʼs Media Centre, Independent UK, and several Ugandan publications. She also co- hosted a women biased history podcast called Wulira. As a blogger, she contributes to a women publication focusing on telling stories of Ugandan women called women for women in Uganda. Her areas of interest include: Feminisms, Media, decolonization, democracy, and governance 

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