In episode 190, Kestrel welcomes Erin Flynn, the CEO of Cladwell, to the show. A personal styling app, Cladwell allows users to add in their clothes (without taking photos) and it will generate daily outfits personalized for their weather.

”I would go to my closet and say the same thing which is, I have too many clothes and nothing to wear, which was ridiculous because I had over 450 items hanging in my closet — so, there was no reason that I should have nothing to wear.”
-Erin Flynn, CEO of Cladwell

On this week’s show, Erin shares more on how the financial crisis got her originally into fashion blogging and entrepreneurship. Also, she explains how she first got connected with Cladwell, and eventually decided to purchase it to have more autonomy over the gradual growth of the company.

Kestrel and Erin talk a lot about personal style and finding ways to appreciate the clothes we already have. For Erin, she believes that if you don’t understand your personal style, it’s difficult to build a closet that you love.

Also, Erin walks us through more on how the Cladwell app works, and the ways it can help you get dressed every day, get in tune with your personal style, and find ways to utilize the pieces in your closet.

Kestrel asks Erin to explore the idea of behavior change, and ways in which Cladwell is successfully challenging people to shift their habits to a less is more approach.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • “I was in this endless cycle of shopping, thinking that that would solve my style problem.”

  • “I really believe that everyone has kind of their own unique, personal style, but I also believe that most people don’t know what they like. And so, it’s really hard to build a closet you love when you don’t know what you like.”

  • “We were originally investor-backed … we ultimately ended up buying the company, and the whole goal now is to make it a sustainable and profitable company really driven by our values and our mission.”

  • “It’s really about making the most of your closet, so we’re trying to help you love and wear everything you own.”

  • The app shares this stat: the average person only wears 20% of their closet.
    The average Cladwell user wears 65% of their closet, and the app can help you track how much of your closet you’re actually wearing.

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