In episode 191, Kestrel welcomes Kimberley Smith, the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Everlane, to the show. Known for their messaging around radical transparency, Everlane prides themselves on building timeless products that are designed to last.

“We can be better — I mean we’re not perfect in any way. It doesn’t happen overnight, and I think that’s something that — our customer, just be patient, but we are listening … we really admire them, and we really want their feedback. And so, I think that that’s important for them to continue to challenge us.”

On this week’s show, Kim shares more on her background, and how she found her way into the sustainable fashion world. She also walks us through more on how Everlane’s product has evolved over the years, starting with a focus on natural materials, and now evolving toward more sustainable materials and solutions.

Kestrel asks Kim to respond to a petition that nonprofit Remake authored on Change.org, called “Ask Everlane To Share Worker Conditions (And Stop Greenwashing).” Kim responds by explaining more of what Everlane has been doing behind the scenes, how they need to be sharing more information with their shoppers, and how their new sustainability page will help answer some of these questions.

Also, Kim reveals the details on Everlane’s recent sustainability commitments — no new plastic by 2021 and 100% certified organic cotton by 2023.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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