In episode 184, Kestrel welcomes Kelly Phenicie + Ellen Saville, the cofounders of The Endery, to the show. A brand born in Lima, Peru, The Endery plays with color using quality fibers to create lifelong knits that would otherwise have become waste.

“And just the whole manufacturing system has always been built around making what you need or want, rather than using what already exists. So, it is a lot of work to get people to think and work differently. There’s certainly not a blueprint for using deadstock, so we really just have to learn as we go.”
-Kelly Phenicie, Cofounder of The Endery

On this week’s show, Kelly and Ellen share more about how their work in the knitwear industry led them to want to find a creative way to address the excess and leftovers building up around them. Ellen breaks down some of the reasons why for The Endery, they believe alpaca is one of the most sustainable fibers.

Also, Kestrel, Kelly and Ellen discuss what makes a garment last in your wardrobe, and whether colorful designs can tout qualities like versatility and longevity. When it comes to their design process, Kelly and Ellen share more on the ways they are getting innovative, to be able to recycle their designs, depending on what deadstock yarn is available to them at any given time.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Green Design Link, separate company that Kelly owns and operates that specializes in producing hand knits on a large scale for sustainable clothing brands

  • Inca Tops, an alpaca mill that Ellen does consulting work for

  • In Peru alone, at least 15+ tons of yarn leftovers are piling up from different yarn suppliers and factories every year

  • “It's about going offscript with fashion manufacturing and encouraging color to be unruly, clashing and expressive. To make stuff that makes us feel good about ourselves, the way we buy and the mark we leave on our society and earth. All of it packaged into a killer knit.”

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