S04 Episode 208 | THE ROOT | Episode 4 | The Future Of Fashion

The Root Episode 4: The Future Of Fashion is broken down in 4 lightening talk segments, hosted by Dominique Drakeford. Part 1 discuses Marketing with Aditi Mayer & Terumi Murao. Part 2 hones in on Education with Kimberly Jenkins and Whitney McGuire. Part 3 dives into Small Business Entrepreneurship with Akilah Stewart and Ibada Wadud. Lastly, Part 4 contextualizes the landscape of Policy with Ify Ike and Ayesha Barenblat.

Terumi Murao is a sustainable stylist and model who works in the fashion and commercial advertising industry. She has worked previously in scientific research, luxury hospitality, and marketing for design & technology. Her curiosity and creative restlessness continually drive her to imagine and iterate on new human-centered, sustainable solutions. She cares deeply about fashion as a tool for personal growth, and a platform to elevate underrepresented voices and advocate for justice.

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Aditi Mayer is a sustainable fashion blogger, photographer, and journalist whose work explores the intersections of style, sustainability, and social justice. Seeing fashion's disproportionate effects on communities of color globally, she began her blog, ADIMAY.com, after the Bangladesh Rana Plaza factory in 2014. She has become a frequent speaker on topics of social and environmental justice, with recent collaborators including Human Rights Watch, Timberland, Planet Home, Vegan Fashion Week, and more. Currently, she is working with the Garment Workers Center to elevate stories of labor exploitation in LA.

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Whitney McGuire is an attorney for creative entrepreneurs. She is also a co-founder of Sustainable Brooklyn, and co-founder of the record label swiMMMers ear with her husband. She became an emerging leader in the field of Fashion Law and is former chairperson of Fashion Law Week, the first week-long symposium dedicated to educating the community about legal issues impacting the fashion industry. Through her work, she champions the sustainability of those hailing from targeted communities including artists and advocates.

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Kimberly Jenkins is Assistant Professor of Fashion Studies at Ryerson University, lecturing previously at Parsons School of Design and Pratt Institute. Kim became best known for designing a course and exhibition called Fashion and Race, and has shared her insights globally in industry forums and institutions. Her expertise on fashion history and infusing 'race' into fashion theory education has led to consulting work for Gucci, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, the Centraal Museum along with other corporate brands and organizations. Kim is the founder of The Fashion and Race Database, an online platform filled with open-source tools that expand the narrative of fashion history and challenge mis-representation within the fashion system.

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Akilah Stewart is a sustainable lifestyle RE-programmer, community organizer and the founder of FATRA. Focusing on creative waste management, FATRA is known for transforming single use plastic and dead stock material into the“Recycled Bottle Bag” -- RE-inventing the way we define traditional luxury products by incorporating raw materials and alternative design methods. As a first generation American born to Caribbean parents, Akilah Stewart shares sustainability through an indigenous vantage point - one that REconnects us with working with our hands, respecting the land, and encourages us to make something from nothing.

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Ibada Wadud is the Founder & Head of Impact at LULAH and a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Parsons School of Design in the Department of Design Strategies. LULAH makes better handbags designed in Brooklyn to employ formerly incarcerated women. In 2019, LULAH received the Girlboss Foundation Prize, was featured in New York Magazine's The Cut, and participated in Essence Festival in New Orleans. Prior to founding LULAH, Ibada was a member of the Corporate Social Responsibility team at Kate Spade, and has worked with Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci and Fendi. She has particularly focused on artisan communities throughout her career with a concentration on economic development. Ibada recently joined The Slow Factory team where she contributes her Design Justice practice to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion within sustainability.

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Ayesha Barenblat (@remakeourworld) is the founder of Remake, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a community of conscious consumers, and engaging millennial shoppers through films, visual storytelling and immersive journeys to connect us as humans back to makers. In the past, she led brand engagement at Better Work, a World Bank and United Nations partnership to ensure safe and decent working conditions around the world. Prior to this, she was head of consumer products at BSR, providing strategic advice to brands including H&M, Levi Strauss & Co., Marks and Spencer, Nike, and The Walt Disney Company.

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Ifeoma Ike is a Nigerian-American attorney, artist and social change designer. With a vast career, ranging from Wall Street to Capitol Hill to on the ground movement lawyering, Ifeoma is the Founding Partner of equity strategy firm, Pink Cornrows. Recognized in 2019 by HBO & Vanity Fair for her justice and policy record, “Ify” is a thought partner for leaders committed to disrupting the status quo and creating a society that is just and fair for those traditionally marginalized.

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