In episode 212, Kestrel welcomes Comet Chukura, the founder of GLOW, to the show. A knitwear brand pioneering adaptable accessories that reflect light, GLOW is committed to using sustainable materials and ethical production, with an intention to create social as well as environmental impact.

“The point is to always work with women on the peripheries — slow fashion, since it’s all hand-knitted and crocheted, it does take a while to make — but the point is to utilize skills, which they would otherwise fall by the wayside, and kind of give Indigenous handicraft the respect it deserves in our system of fashion.”
-Comet Chukura, Founder of GLOW

On this week’s show, Comet shares more what about led her to build GLOW, what her supply chain looks like, and how working with marginalized women is at the core of the brand. Additionally, she explains how the “tech” works for GLOW’s sustainable, high visibility yarn.

Additionally, we touch on the layers of issues connected to the white gaze and white savior complex within the sustainable fashion industry — Comet recently wrote an article for Refinery29 called “Supporting Black-Owned Brands Shouldn’t Be A Goodwill Gesture” in which she explores this more deeply.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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