In episode 185, Kestrel welcomes Amanda Parkes, the Chief Innovations Officer at Pangaia, to the show. A materials science company, Pangaia is on a mission to save our environment.

“We are moving into the bioeconomy, which is this very notion that biomass is at the base of both agriculture, materials and energy. So, we can think about the circle and the interchange between all of those systems — it’s the basis of the true circular economy.”
-Amanda Parkes, Chief Innovations Officer at Pangaia

On this week’s show, Amanda shares more on her multidisciplinary background, and how she’s found a way to bridge her expertise in science, tech, and art with her work at Pangaia.

She talks about the unique attributes of Pangaia’s business model — how they bring together scientists, technologists, and designers in their work; and the way they make an R&D plan that goes 8 years out, which no fashion companies are doing today.

Additionally, Amanda breaks down more on Pangaia’s newest innovation — FLWRDWN™, what it’s really made of, and how it keeps you warm.

  • Future Tech Lab a disruptive movement of innovators bridging together fashion and science to create a sustainable future / first experience Amanda had working with founder Miroslava Duma
  • Pangaia’s t-shirts, made with seaweed fiber and organic cotton, dyed with natural botanical dyes, and treated with peppermint oil to allow you to wash your shirt less

  • FLWRDWN™ is a fully biodegradable material, created with natural​ wild flowers, a biopolymer and infused with aerogel for performance and durability

  • Global Fashion Exchange, host clothing swap events around the world

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