In episode 213, Kestrel welcomes Reza Cristián, the founder and editor-in-chief of SUSTAIN The Mag, to the show. An online media platform, SUSTAIN The Mag is a space where eco-conscious warriors cultivate a healthy, planet-friendly lifestyle.

“There was mostly you know, white people that were at the top, executives and editors-in-chiefs for example, and then, people on the covers — they weren’t really everyday people, so I was really turned off by that. And that’s really what led me to want to shift and change the perspective around media, and really tie it into sustainability because in a whole, it’s not just about caring for the planet — it’s caring about everyone and just interconnecting it all — so, that was my main priority to start Sustain The Mag.”
-Reza Cristián, Founder + Editor-In-Chief of SUSTAIN Mag

On this week’s show, Reza shares more on her background and how resourcefulness has always been integrated into her lifestyle, growing up in a Mexican family. She also shares more on what led her to actually build Sustain The Mag, and some of the ideas she has for the future of the platform.

Kestrel asks Reza to ideate on what the future of media looks like from her perspective, and they also discuss if and how the sustainability narrative is shifting away from a consumeristic-driven approach toward more of a focus on resourcefulness.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Dominique Drakeford + Céline Semaan, two people in the sustainability industry that Reza looked up to while she was in college

  • SUSTAIN The Mag Fall 2020 Cover Shoot, featuring the cofounders of Intersectional Environmentalist

  • “Another thing that I love to always mention is to just not feel so lost in the consumerism part of sustainability, because that goes back to colonialism, that goes back to the mindset of capitalism where people think they have to purchase in order to be a part of something, and I always love to mention that we were brought to think that we were the problem because corporations didn’t want to take accountability for their mistakes, but in actuality, we are the solution.” -Reza

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