In episode 178, Kestrel welcomes Tina Hedges, the founder of LOLI Beauty, to the show. Short for “Living Organic Loving Ingredients,” LOLI is the first ZERO Waste beauty brand that is completely waterless and uses food grade reusable containers and compostable plastic to package their products.

“I had a crisis of consciousness. I said to myself, wow — for 15 years, in the big corporate beauty world, my whole job was to come up with ideas of products, develop them, position them, and convince you that this was the holy grail, and then whatever ingredient I was talking about in that product was going to transform your skin and your life.”
- Tina Hedges, Founder of LOLI Beauty

On this week’s show, Tina shares more on her background in the corporate beauty industry, as well as how growing up in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica influenced her beliefs around the ingredients we use in products.

She also shares more on what led her to build LOLI, and what she felt like was missing from the mainstream beauty market. For LOLI, less is more when it comes to products (they build products for multiple purposes), and their packaging is built on a foundation of sustainability and asking a ton of questions.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • Most beauty brands out there are making their products of 80-95% water while creating tons of waste along the way.

  • In the beauty industry, the packaging usually costs more than what’s in the actual product.

  • “192 billion beauty packages end up in landfills a year.”

  • LOLI’s Plum Elixir — “the ultimate multitasker” — it replaces your moisturizer, your serum, you can use it on your face and your hair, your lips, your neck, your nails.

  • MadeSafe, certification body that LOLI uses to certify all of their ingredients and products

  • LOLI’s Date Nut Brûlée — “miracle melting balm” — can be a solid oil cleaner, works like an aquaphor or vaseline, can minimize scars or stretch marks, or be used for chapped lips and elbows

  • Tina’s top go-to products: Chamomile Lavender Water + Plum Elixir

  • From the intro — “25 Of The Funniest Signs From The Global Climate Strike” via Reconsidered Newsletter


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