In episode 200, Kestrel welcomes Sanah Sharma, the founder of her eponymous label, to the show. A conceptual sustainable fashion brand from Chennai, India, Sanah Sharma is focused on making aesthetic clothing that is intelligently engineered and tested for human kinetics.

“Everything in our universe is in a constant state of motion. So, I really think — you know, we’re not static, so why should our clothes be statically designed?” -Sanah Sharma, Founder of Sanah Sharma

On this week’s show, Sanah shares more on how her love of fashion and making clothing began when she was a little girl — she would upcycle the clothes she grew out of into clothes for her dolls. She also explains that while she learned more about the concept of sustainability at university, she quickly realized that she had many of these ideals already in her, from growing up in her Indian culture.

Sanah developed her own zero waste design technique called Planar Flux, of which other designers can access if they are interested in learning the process. In line with this technique — which plays off of the idea that we are in a constant state of motion — Sanah also incorporates digital human kinetics testing into the development of her garments because as she says, “I make clothing for humans.”

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

  • “We have about a 15% cutting waste that happens in fashion, and that’s a lot. So, for me, it was about — how can I create something where I can use lesser material to make beautiful clothes?”

  • Professor Julian Roberts of The Royal College of Arts, a mentor to Sanah — find him on Instagram here >

  • Planar Flux, zero waste design technique developed by Sanah

  • Guppy Bag + Cora Ball — products that help collect microplastics in your washing machine before they drain out into our waterways

  • Brian Greene, physicist and author Sanah is doing a lot of reading of at the moment

  • “Everything in science has design, and everything in design has science, so they’re very intricately connected.”

  • “The Women Series featuring Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs” — an interview on The Frontlash, suggested in the intro