In episode 220, Kestrel welcomes Chanelle Harris, the founder of NELLO, to the show. A curated thrift brand, NELLO is non-binary to any form of fashion and promotes positive self-love with sustainable clothing through artistic expression.

“These aren’t just clothes — it’s what you make it, and that’s part of your style. And although you’re not going to get the latest trends that are happening (these items aren’t a part of that category), you can still make it your own. It’s how you define yourself in any way — whether it’s the clothes you wear, what you say, what you want to do in life — it’s how you define it and how you share that with other people.”
-Chanelle Harris, Founder of NELLO

On this week’s show, Chanelle shares more on what led her to have such a love for vintage and how secondhand shopping with her grandma got her inspired by past generations’ style. She also shares more about how she went from completing a master’s in clinical psychology in London to building her own vintage shop.

Kestrel and Chanelle also explore more on the idea of style (self) over fashion (conformity), and how this truly drives the work that she is doing with NELLO, as well as their mutual love for studying street style in London.

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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