In episode 216, Kestrel welcomes Robbie Stuart, the founder of KIDS WORLDWIDE, to the show. A collaborative brand, KIDS WORLDWIDE is focused on supporting, empowering and nurturing youth through socially and environmentally-conscious fashion.

Robbie is also joined by Swami Durga Das, the founder of nonprofit River Fund, who KIDS WORLDWIDE partners with for several layers of their work, as well as Zara, Nishaul, Chrissy and Washal — young artists whose work is featured on KIDS’ designs.

“It really becomes about peoples’ responsibility inside themselves to give back to each other — if that’s in volunteering or in serving or however we do it — it’s really in giving back to each other. And I think then, in the long run, it makes the planet better and each of us better.”
-Swami Durga Das, Founder of River Fund

On this week’s show, Robbie shares more on what led her to want to build KIDS WORLDWIDE and how she partners with Swami and River Fund, to build something that’s far more than just a fashion brand.

Four kids — Zara, Nishaul, Chrissy and Washal — whose artwork is featured on KIDS’ garments share more with us about what inspired some of their artwork, what they enjoy about the art programs at River Fund, and how they think we can all make an impact to build a better future.

“For me, I would usually draw and show it to my friends, but now — the whole entire world can see how creative kids are and how we care about the earth and we want a change for our future.” -Zara

“I made the artwork based on climate change, so I was thinking how if we didn’t have the earth, how would we survive? I was saying — we love the earth, why would we destroy it? Don’t hurt it.” -Nishaul

“If someone needs help, we should help them out because we don’t want to be mean and we should be helpful for each other. People are being mean to the earth — they’re throwing trash out and they’re not saving food for other people and they’re being mean.” -Chrissy

“I love using cameras — that’s one of my favorite things to do … so what we could do is not throw garbage out on the streets and not waste water.” -Washal

“The workshops really are at the foundation of this brand — I want to create something that is a safe place and a nonjudgemental and creative place for kids to feel supported, and also to have access to opportunities that they wouldn’t normally have access to.” -Robbie

The below thoughts, ideas + organizations were brought up in this chat:

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