Conscious Chatter with Kestrel Jenkins

by Kestrel Jenkins
An inclusive audio space, Conscious Chatter opens the door to conversations about our clothing + the layers of stories, meaning and potential impact connected to what we wear. Hosted by Kestrel Jenkins, Conscious Chatter reimagines the narrative around sustainability, explores the importance of resourcefulness, questions conscious consumerism, and works to deconstruct how oppressive systems impact the sustainable fashion space.
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  1. 35:52S05 Episode 256 | Shilla Kim-Parker of Thrilling on the digitization of secondhand & supporting small businessNov 23, 2021
  2. 01:13:06S05 Episode 255 | Gee's Bend Quilters: the original purveyors of sustainability & exploring the meaning of an equitable collaboration with Mary Margaret Pettway & Greg LaurenNov 09, 2021
  3. 01:06:05S05 Episode 254 | Johnathan Hayden on using a brand as an experiment, questioning ownership over one's trash & how augmented reality could impact sustainability in fashionOct 26, 2021
  4. 42:27S05 Episode 253 | Advocating for the U.S. to appoint a fashion czar, what are The Green Guides and more on the intersections of politics & fashionOct 12, 2021
  5. 33:25S05 Episode 252 | Frankie Collective on reimagining supply chains for *upcycling* & embracing sustainability and streetwear through reworked designOct 05, 2021
  6. 42:29S05 Episode 251 | CiscoSews on the freedom in nonbinary design & experimentations with upcyclingSep 28, 2021
  7. 01:04:16S05 Episode 250 | Natalie Shehata on why *diversity* is tokenistic and advocating for holistic inclusionSep 21, 2021
  8. 01:02:03S05 Episode 249 | Isiah Magsino on fashion's current obsession with *genderless* and paying respect to queer & trans communities who have been stepping out of the binary foreverSep 14, 2021
  9. 51:31S05 Episode 248 | Ocean Rose on botanical dyeing, sustainability as a collection of idiosyncrasies & the art of slowing downSep 08, 2021
  10. 42:48S05 Episode 247 | Christian Allaire of Vogue on the deep meaning behind Indigenous ribbon work & fashion as a means to reclaim cultureAug 24, 2021