Conscious Thinking - Climate Denial


Hosted by Sonoo Singh, Founder, Creative Salon, with John Grant, Author The Greener Market, Richard Black, Director, Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit and Harriet Kingaby, Co-Founder The Conscious Advertising Network.

A Jan 2020 study found that more than 100 brands had adverts running on YouTube videos that were actively promoting climate misinformation. The brands, including Samsung, L’Oreal and Decathlon, were unaware that their ads were being played before and during the videos. But online climate misinformation is still monetised and algorithms alone don’t seem to protect brands from content that lies about the impact of climate change. An Edelman study claimed that 69% of people think advertisers should stop spending with platforms that publish ‘misleading information’ about global issues. This is a predicament that presents huge challenges not only for businesses but also for the platforms they fund. What steps can brands take to make sure they’re not funding climate misinformation?

Produced with the kind assistance of Robert White, Marshall Street Editors and The Nerve.

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