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Content is where it’s at. In terms of social media, marketing, PR, and sales, content is how we get seen, become known, and increasingly it’s where we spend our time - because content doesn’t just create itself. If you’re a business owner who either creates content for her business or as her business: cut down on the amount of new stuff and get your already brilliant content in front of more people in the way they like to receive it. This episode has ideas for long-form, short-form, written, visual, video and audio across a variety of media and channels. (There are a few pitching ideas thrown in for good measure!)

Also mentioned in this episode:
  • Hiring a Content Manager or Social Media VA
  • Stop the creativity burnout, trying to create more and more and more content. Start spending your time on your paid work and - better yet - in your personal life by squeezing all of the value from each piece of your brilliant content through repurposing. Download all of the ideas plus a few more neatly organized in this 4 page free booklet.
  • For the business woman who either wants to define and manage her brand or needs to hand off content design responsibilities without worry - this 16 page guide lightens your load by keeping what identifies your business as yours in a central place, and empowers you to hand over content design with confidence.

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