I'm Chasing Vitality

Kerry Hales is a Transformational Life Coach and don't let her pretty pink hair and kind face fool you; she enjoys asking the tough questions that help smart people get what they want - become their better self - by asking the hard questions and holding space for the answers.

Key Points:

  • The Fascination: How do we get there? What do we need to do to figure it out? (3:08)
  • Nosey & Brave (5:55)
  • Ask The Question They Don't Want You to Ask (7:20)
  • The Skill to Hold Space (10:08)
  • What is a Transformational Life Coach? (11:55)
  • Savvy People, Rebels and Wasting Time (17:54)
  • Clarity & Apologies (21:04)
  • Show Me a Picture of the Cake: Sit down and listen to yourself (27:26)
  • Deprogramming & Patterns (30:58)
  • Are You Responsible? (35:00)
  • Where Do I Start? Journal & Start Now (39:30)
  • Different Ways to Work With Kerry (46:34)

You'll find Kerry at kerryhales.com/ and to learn more about her various programs - including her free journal prompt guide - specifically check www.kerryhales.com/products-life-coaching/

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