Agency vs Coach vs Consultant

Everybody needs help every once in a while, for different things. When it comes to help with your business, there are so many options available. It becomes mind boggling, really. So how do you know who or where to go when you need help? Today’s episode looks at the differences between an agency, a coach and a consultant and what to expect when working with each type so that you can be better informed when choosing a direction the next time you need help.

Key Points:
  • When to ask for help: The pitfalls of looking for help when you're not in a good position (1:05)
  • What is an agency and when do you hire one? (5:39)
  • What is a coach and when would you hire one? (8:12)
  • What is a consultant and when do you need one? (11:40)

Also mentioned:
  • What is a consultant? How to Find a Consulting Job and Who’s Hiring?

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Extra Resources:

  • Strategic messaging workbook - Clear messaging is the foundation of your entire communications and marketing strategy. Use this workbook to build that messaging on your goals so that you create a powerful positioning tool for your business.
  • For the business woman who either wants to define and manage her brand or needs to hand off content design responsibilities without worry, this 16 page guide codifies what identifies your business as yours in a central place and empowers you to hand over content design with confidence:

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