Journey To Clear Confidence with Amy: From Stuck to Soaring

You can bust out of any confidence rut when you have clarity on which roadblock to move! Find out how one woman did it!

Amy is a professional brand photographer who was stuck in the fog of the pandemic, the pressures of being a full-time entrepreneur, and the overwhelm of parenting from an intentional space. When she came to me, she didn't think changing the way she saw herself in the mirror in the Hue and Style® way would be the way to more progress, ease, and happiness in every part of her life. But it was.

Since adding and living a Hue and Style® image, personal development and mindset growth lifestyle, she has:

  • found a new flow in her creative business
  • developed more visibility for her ideal clients
  • improved her outlook toward her marriage and parenting her "littles", and
  • increased her self-love adding habits that nurture her wellness (and actually sticking with them).

And transformed her personal style and presence to show for it all!

❝Anytime I’ve had something hard come up, within what feels like a split second, I have a tool or an answer or something in me to figure it out and that feels amazing! I’m not floundering around for days or weeks and wishy-washy trying to figure things out. And sometimes I’m an overthinker… but I feel like I have so many tools and learned so many things about myself in this that I can answer anything for myself and feel so confident in my choices and decisions immediately.❞ ~Amy Z.

That's the power of learning what’s right for you be it in your closet or in your life. Hue and Style® combine them both.

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