Journey To Adaptable Confidence: From Hidden To Happy


Amanda is a growing real estate professional who knows what you can build in your life when you have a daily confidence-building habit that renews your courage and motivation. She came to me 7 years ago after switching careers and needed an image presence that would set her apart from others in the highly-competitive real estate field. She nailed my teachings and has used Hue and Style®'s repeatable process of communicating her value and authenticity ever since. She's used her learned confidence skills to adapt through changing times - not letting the rampant self-doubt of the pandemic days take hold. Not only has her business grown, so has her self-love, fulfillment, and joy!

In this candid and casual chat, Amanda shares:

  • The priceless asset of investing in "seeing herself differently" (first in the mirror, then in life) that became a foundation for her current success.
  • Why she can feel completely "competitionless" even in an industry with so much competition.
  • How she uses her Hue and Style® personal brand image definition and self-expression like a billboard that attracts her ideal clients, and
  • Why women need to stop dressing worried about "fashion" and start using this daily habit to change how they feel about themselves, their relevance and life direction.

I used to listen to all the fashion advice talking heads about the latest and the greatest saying if you wear "this or that," you'll feel good. But it doesn't matter how much you do that. If you don't fix the inside, the outside stuff not going to make it work.❞ ~ Amanda

This one's all about the magic that happens over time when you choose yourself. She will help you see what's possible for your next season of success!

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