#22 The Path to Become a Burned-In Teacher with Amber Harper ( 如何打造一個永續的教職生涯 )

How is your feeling now?  Do you feel exhausted or feel like your life is okay?  In this bizarre year, I’ve heard so many educators feel overwhelmed or anxious for the enormous change.  Today we are really lucky to have Amber Harper to guide us how to tune in ourselves in these crazy days.  

Amber Harper is an educator, author, Google Certified Trainer, and Teacher Burnout Coach. She’s the founder of burnedinteacher.com and author of Hacking Teacher Burnout which empowers burned-out teachers to believe that they deserve and can achieve a happier and more fulfilled  life with her 8-step BURNED-IN process.

Amber hosts a weekly podcast dedicated to action, inspiration, and support for teachers dealing with burnout.  The show is  called The Burned-In Teacher Podcast.

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  • How do you feel every morning after getting out of the bed? Do you feel excited to start the class and meet you students?
  • Do you have a special time for yourself to pause or exercise every day?

What can you do tomorrow

  • Take the burned in teacher quiz and learn where you are now.
  • Ask your students or colleagues about how they feel about you to understand your teacher brand and what your strengths are.

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