#18 Nurture Young Readers by the Philadelphia Method with Elisa Guerra(Philadelphia 方法培養年幼讀者)

This episode is all about cultivating our young readers.  I’m really happy to have Elisa Guerra joining me who is a well-known expert in early childhood development. 

Elisa Guerra is the founder and teacher at Colegio Valle de Filadelfia . It is a school for (PreK -9th), helping students achieve their fullest potential. Her school model has been replicated in 11 campuses and 5 Latin American countries. She was one of the  TOP50 finalists for the GLOBAL TEACHER PRIZE  in both 2015 and 2016. This award has been called the “Nobel Prize” for Teaching.

Elisa has authored many great books for teaching. For example,   "Learning to read at 3: Doman Method applied in the Preschool Classroom" . This book has been, consistently, first placed in sales in Amazon Mexico.  The most recent book of hers is Hope where are you? is the story of six children around the world who are experiencing school closures because of the pandemic. The book is free and has more than 30 languages.

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