CLIMATE ONE: REWIND: Climbing, Conservation and Capitalism

Rick Ridgeway estimates he’s spent about five years of his life sleeping in tents, often in the world’s most remote places alongside fellow outdoor adventure luminaries. Ridgeway worked for Patagonia for 15 years and was behind the company’s infamous “Don’t Buy This Jacket” ad campaign, which paradoxically advocated sustainability and increased sales. 
Outdoor companies like Patagonia may push for sustainability, but they largely still present a mostly white, wealthy experience with nature, which can be off-putting for people of color. “You know if you can't see yourself in those spaces then it’s hard to feel invited or welcome in that movement,” says writer and social justice facilitator Amanda Machado.  
What is the role of corporations in conservation? And how can the outdoor industry help make nature more safe, accessible and welcoming for all?
Rick Ridgeway, former Vice President of Public Engagement, Patagonia
Amanda Machado, writer and social justice facilitator
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