An Agenda for Elder Justice

In this era of heightened attention to social justice, one voice is not being heard—the voice of older adults. Drawing from her book Elder Justice, Ageism, and Elder Abuse (Springer, 2019) and more than 35 years as an advocate and program developer, Lisa Nerenberg will trace the forces that have given rise to the elder justice movement. These include heightened attention to ageism, the recognition of aging and elder abuse as public health matters, and the global movement to adopt a universal convention for the rights of older people. Her "elder justice agenda" offers a vision for a more just society for older adults and people of all ages who aspire to live long and fulfilling lives. She will be joined for a Q&A by Bill Benson, a thought leader and driving force in health and aging issues for more than four decades. MLF ORGANIZER Denise Michaud NOTES MLF: Grownups
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