The Annual Innovate for Good Conference

After a 2-year hiatus, The Commonwealth Club and the University of San Francisco's School of Management are pleased to reinstate the Innovate for Good annual conference, an event where the intersection of business and social good takes center stage. Join us this year as we address the climate crisis. 
In an increasingly digital and global economy, our cities and organizations are at a unique inflection point, where the most pressing issue of our time is how we sustain our planet. As was seen during proceedings in Glasgow at COP 26, public and private entities need to urgently accelerate innovations in energy, clean tech, fintech, and technology in order to address climate change in a way that is both economically viable and socially just.
How are businesses finding new ways to innovate for good in this reality? How are companies and governments partnering to innovate and deliver more sustainable solutions that balance human and environmental values?
The Innovate for Good conference is an annual symposium that brings together founders, CEOs, investors, academics, and nonprofit and government leaders who are taking action to shape a more sustainable and just world.
Yasmin Eichmann, Former COO of Nest Renew / Director of Energy Product Planning & Operations at Google
 Allie Detrio, Chief Strategist of Reimagine Power
 Rob Grant, Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Social Impact at Cruise
 Peter Light, CEO of Lumen Energy
Kate Reimer, Vice President Technology at Redaptive
Vipul Vyas, Cleantech Founder and USF Faculty member
Ravi Mikkelsen, CEO of Atmos Financial
Cathryn Peirce, Co-Founder and CEO at Carbon Zero
James Richards, CEO of Evergrow
Zach Stein, Cofounder of Carbon Collective
Alex Wright-Gladstein, Founder and CEO of Sphere

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently hosting all of our live programming via YouTube live stream. This program was recorded via video conference on April 29th, 2022 by the Commonwealth Club of California.
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