American Carnage, With Rosie Duffield MP And Anand Menon

If you thought 2020 was bad, get a load of 2021. It started with Boris Johnson putting England into a seven-week coronavirus lockdown with cases spiralling out of control. In the race of injections versus infections, has the prime minister overpromised again?

Meanwhile, Donald Trump’s desperate bid to cling to power despite losing the US election reached a day of reckoning as a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol in extraordinary scenes. What are the lessons for the UK?

Joining Arj Singh and Rachel Wearmouth, Labour MP Rosie Duffield and the UK In A Changing Europe’s Anand Menon run the rule over a tumultuous start to the new year, consider whether Brexit is really ‘done’ and ask whether Britain could one day rejoin the EU.

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