Star Wars: Comics In Canon - Ep 51: Force-Sensitive Fungus, Mind-Reading & Catastrophe (Doctor Aphra #20-25)

This week, Mike tackles the next volume of Doctor Aphra comics; The Catastrophe Con! This volume of space-craziness includes force-sensitive fungus, creatures who can read & erase minds, shapeshifters, a jail held together by ropes & an internal tractor beam, lovers lost, revenge, betrayal & more of what you’d expect from an Aphra comic! Mike also briefly talks about the “cantina band” Figrin D’an & The Modal Nodes!

This story is set after A New Hope and before Empire Strikes Back so is between 0-3 ABY.

Issues 20-25 of Doctor Aphra were written by Simon Spurrier, with Kev Walker as penciller, Marc Deering as inker and Java Tartaglia as colour artist.

Issue 20 was released May 2018, 25 was released October 2018 and the trade paperback was released January 2019.

Make sure you check out episode 46 of SWCIC for previous Aphra episode, ep 42 for the auction massacre, 36 for the Screaming Citadel crossover (Aphra 7 & 8) and ep 34 for the first batch of Aphra comics (1-6)!

The last week on SWCIC, episode 50, was the second question & answer episode for Star Wars: Comics In Canon where Mike & Megan answer a variety of questions sent in by you – our amazing listeners! Topics include; Jar Jar Binks being sith, why Disney reset the canon, Star Wars crossovers (like Marvel or Doctor Who), Star Wars food, continuity in the new canon, Legends characters, comics, favourite sequences and even some dad jokes!

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