Mandatory Marvel & DC Ep24: Old Man Logan Review

It is time for episode 24 of Mandatory Marvel & DC, a show from the Comics In Motion network that looks back at the very biggest and best stories from the annals of the Big 2 - Marvel and DC!

Each episode, Max Byrne will be joined by a special guest to enjoy a chat about that episode's subject matter, talking about what we love about these top tier titles!

For this 24th instalment, we look back at the classic Old Man Logan run by the legendary Mark Millar, published by Marvel Comics in 2008/2009. This milestone story, set 50 years into the future, showcases a world where most of the heroes have been wiped out by a villainous coup.

This week, Max is joined by the amazing JAC of I Am Jac’s Musings and co-host of the fantastic Season’s Greetings show, found right here on the Comics In Motion Network.

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