Jess Burgess

Jess Burgess is a librarian and Virginia Woolf fangirl living in Hove. After a traumatic three years at The Oxford School of Drama, they worked as an actor and playwright in London until running away to the sea in 2019 in search of inner peace.
Writing credits include Fucking Outside the Box (VAULT Festival 2014), NAKED (VAULT Festival 2015), Feed Her Milk (Theatre Delicatessen) and Awake & Asleep (Treadwell’s Bookshop). She has an unedited play about sex magic saved to her laptop, which has been enjoyed by several lovers, and a great idea for a book, which she is taking her time to process feelings around. They enjoy wild swimming, wild sex and Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson.
In this episode we discuss classic lesbian u-hauls, orgasming too easily, fibromyalgia, exploring your gender identity during the relative seclusion of lockdown, and why emotional intelligence is vital when it comes to making space for others during sex.

You can find Jess sharing exquisite poetry, strong necklines and sumptuous bakes on Instagram: @_jessburgess

For more information about fibromyalgia visit and the topics discussed in this ep visit: UK Fibromyalgia Illness Inclusion Project Disability Rights UK and you can find the book Pain and Prejudice here.

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