Ariane Barnes

Ariane Barnes is a performer, teacher and embodied diversity and inclusion strategist. In this episode we talk trusting your instincts, setting up support networks to empower marginalised women facing prejudice in the performance industries, healing the body and brain connection, the importance of cultivating safe spaces when it comes to enjoying sexual intimacy, and unleashing your inner freak. 
Ariane is the founder of Different Women, an organisation that runs workshops & empowerment events to support women who don't fit the standard mould to stand strong and tall in their chosen craft. Ariane helps women and those who work with women embrace their unique core gifts through performance, psychology and diversity. Different Women provide paid opportunities for growth to powerhouse BIPOC and LGBTQ women through the delivery of intensives and consultancy programmes for all. 

Ariane will be running a self care weekend for BIPOC Performers in the spring through Different Women; keep up to date with all her wonderful work via: Their website @differentwomenprojectTwitter @DifferentWxx

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