Welcome to Cole Moreton's Can We Talk?

How are you? I’m curious. That’s why I go around asking a lot of questions, watching the responses and listening to the answers from people who are rich or powerful, famous or infamous or who have remarkable stories to tell. We all have those, if the truth be told, even when we feel like we don’t. 

I like to listen and to learn because I want to connect with whoever is in front of me: whether that’s Scarlett the Hollywood superstar hiding out in a hotel bar in Manhattan on the day her marriage disintegrates.

Or Tiger, the greatest sportsman of all time, mired in scandal and using silence as a weapon as he strides through a crowd, unaware that the truth will pop up anyway, against his will.


Those are two of the stories I’d like to tell you.


Then there’s Nelson, the former political prisoner now lying in state as the late president of his country, his oceanic soul having flown. There are things to be learned from each of these people and I’d like us to learn together.

I hope you’ll take pleasure in the way the stories are told. They are new and original pieces, written to entertain and for the joy of the telling, using an original interview as a jumping off point. Each stands alone, but together they build into a bigger story. Can We Talk? is about people striving to make sense, striving to be understood, striving to connect. 


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