CBI To Go 2.01 | Per te è importante viaggiare? - Is travelling important to you?

Welcome to the first episode of our new Coffee Break Italian To Go podcast in which we’re in Stresa on the shores of Lake Maggiore, with Francesca, talking to native speakers about a variety of topics. In this episode we’re asking the question per te è importante viaggiare? (Is travelling important to you?) We’ll listen to all of the interviews with Francesca out and about, while Mark is back in the studio and he’ll help you understand all the responses. Please note all interviews were filmed before lockdown.

Our Coffee Break Italian To Go interviews are also available as videos on our website. Click here to watch, and we’d love to hear your answer to this week’s question, so why not leave a comment and let us know if travel is important to you.This season will feature 10 episodes and if you’d like to binge all our video interviews right now and access our comprehensive lesson notes and vocabulary for each lesson, check out our full course in the Coffee Break Academy.


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