Coffee Break French – Season 3

Oui, c’est vrai! Nous sommes de retour! Coffee Break French is returning for a third season starting next Monday, 18th October. Season 3 will consist of 40 lessons and will give you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of the French language further, increasing your range of expression and building your confidence in a variety of grammatical constructions.

In this season we’ll be featuring three new characters who all happen to be learning French in a language school in Nice on the Côte d’Azur. There’s Katie, the American student who is currently spending a year travelling, working and learning in different European countries; Veronica is a forty-something Australian entrepreneur who is taking advantage of an extended business trip to the south of France to improve her language skills; and Alf, a retired teacher from the Home Counties. As part of their weekly homework, our three characters have to keep a diary of their time spent in France, so over the next forty lessons you’ll be following their adventures in Nice and the surrounding area. In each episode you’ll listen to a native speaker read Katie, Veronica or Alf’s diary entry (which, of course, has been corrected by Mme Soulabaille, their teacher!) and we’ll talk about one or two of the language points covered in the passages.

As usual, we’ll be providing free versions of the lessons, offering you listening practice in the language, and we’ll help you to understand the text with explanations of the language points covered. We’ll also be providing the premium version of the lessons: in the members’ podcast for each lesson we’ll give a full analysis of the text, going through each phrase and explaining any grammar points or difficult vocabulary used. Members will, of course, have access to a full transcript of the text and accompanying language notes.

We’re really excited about the new season of Coffee Break French and we’re sure you’ll enjoy deepening your knowledge of the language with Katie, Alf and Veronica, and hundreds of thousands of Coffee Break French listeners around the world.

While you’re waiting for Season 3 of Coffee Break French you may be interested in reviewing what you’ve learned until now. We’ve just released the Platinum version of Coffee Break French level 2 which features a series of review exercises to help you consolidate what you covered in lessons 41-80. It’s the perfect time for some review before getting started on the new materials, so if you’re interested, visit to purchase the platinum upgrade or the full course if you’re not yet a member.

The first lesson in our new season will be available on the evening of Monday 18th October. À très bientôt alors!


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