Claudio Storelli - Co-Founder and Chairman, Storelli Sports

Born and raised in Milan, Italy, at age 15 Claudio Storelli moved to the US as an exchange student. By the age of 20 he graduated from Stanford University with honors and as an NCAA Soccer Division 1 runner-up. By 23, Claudio had graduated with honors from Columbia Law School, and joined McKinsey & Co. as a management consultant. In 2010, he joined Bloomberg LP, where he became the COO of a $1B Enterprise Technology division. To say that he is an ambitious overachiever is an understatement. 

Please join us as Claudio take us through his journey, from distinguished Ivy League schools to the hallways of some of New York’s most prestigious companies to running a soccer startup—that carries his name, how could it not?—in Brooklyn, NY. This is a conversation jam-packed with valuable insights, business learnings, and recommendations for those with an idea. We discuss his life and business philosophies, how he got the idea to start a business after playing games with bruised up Wall Streeters, the best cold call he ever made, rubbing shoulders with Mike Bloomberg, seeing Waney Rooney unknowingly wearing Storelli gear in the Premier League, what the navy seals taught him, and much more. 

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