45: Anthony Gibbins (Legonium)

Anthony joins David to discuss Legonium, where he brings Latin to life with Lego sets. Anthony talks about where the idea came from, how its grown over the years and now includes the Legonium Season 1 book, and how he was never really into Lego growing up but the advent of Star Wars Lego changed that.

They also chat about Bellum Sacrum, the card-game Anthony has developed with Laura Jenkinson, which pits Roman gods and goddess against each other, and what it's been like test-driving it with his students.

There's also discussion of which Star Wars character would be a good fit for Mithras, the Legonium photo competition, visiting Hobbiton, and some of the weird things people leave in the Temple to Mithras at Carrawburgh. 

You can find the Legonium website here, the Bellum Sacrum website here, and Anthony on Twitter and Instagram.  

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