Be Present, Be A Leader

Purpose, like people, can evolve.  What was on the radar 12 years ago is not necessarily what should be on it today. 

In this episode, Kevin Withane speaks with Matt Meyer, a leader, strategist, and advocate for sustainable business, about: 

  • Diversity and inclusion in the law;
  • The importance of purpose; and
  • The difference between profits and value.

Matt is CEO and Chairman of Taylor Vinters and also the host of the popular Zebra Talk series of conversations with leaders about the soft infrastructure of successful organisations. In 2019 he was identified by the Financial Times as one of Europe's most innovative lawyers and has been recognised by MPF for strategic leadership in professional services. Prior to embarking on his leadership career, Matt was an international technology lawyer and has worked with entrepreneurial and Fortune 500 companies alike. Matt is a Fellow of The Royal Geographical Society and a qualified pilot.



You can find out more about Matt on the Cocktail Leadership blog here, and you can find him on Linkedin here.  You can find out more about the Zebra Project and the Zebra Talk here.

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