Nicki Minaj and the case of the sorry sample

CMU’s Andy Malt and Chris Cooke review key events in music and the music business from the last week, including Tracy Chapman's accusation that Nicki Minaj is ignoring both the facts and the law in their sampling legal battle, plus the row over the inclusion of 'Rule, Britannia' and 'Land Of Hope And Glory' in this year's BBC Proms.

01: Tracy Chapman v Nick Minaj (00:03:13)
02: Rule, Britannia (or don’t) (00:20:35)

• Nicki Minaj’s Sorry claims ignore both the facts and the law, reckons Tracy Chapman (
• Wordless performances of Rule, Britannia and Land Of Hope And Glory to be included in Last Night Of The Proms (  

• Apple hits back in Epic Games dispute, as Microsoft takes sides (
• Judge unlikely to force Fortnite back into App Store while Epic v Apple battle continues (
• Judge confirms Apple can ban Fortnite but not cut off the Unreal Engine in Epic dispute (
• Bytedance expected to sue over US TikTok ban this week (
• Donald Trump’s TikTok ban is unconstitutional, says TikTok (
• TikTok’s new American CEO quits amidst the app’s political drama (
• Walmart teams up with Microsoft in TikTok US bid, as Bytedance puts shutdown contingencies in place (  

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