Big Sister Hotline: S2E7, Feat. Karen Pickering

CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains discussion of men’s violence against women, sexual assault, rape, historical allegations, and reference to suicide

I’m joined this week by one of my friends and Hotline alum, the marvellous Karen Pickering! Karen is a feminist organiser, an author, host of the feminist salon Churchez La Femme and all round excellent human. We had a frank and candid chat in my kitchen about the disastrous state of affairs with misogyny in Australian politics right now. Imagine you were overhearing our angered conversation in a cafe, discussing all the ways Scott Morrison fails to represent the women of this country, how sexism exists on both sides of the political spectrum and what it means to see rape culture expressed so brazenly in the highest office in the land - that’s what this conversation is.

But it’s also good humoured, warm hearted and funny, just like your big sisters should be! It’s a conversation we need to keep having, because nothing will change unless we make it.

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New South Wales — NSW Rape Crisis Centre 1800 424 017 or NSW Health Sexual Assault Services (visit web page to find the number in your local area)

Northern Territory — Department of Health, Sexual Assault Referral Centres

Queensland — Sexual Assault Helpline 1800 010 120

South Australia — Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual Assault Service (08) 8226 8777 or 1800 817 421 freecall

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