Big Sister Hotline: S2E6, Feat. ADA CONROY

CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains discussion of men’s violence against women, domestic abuse, domestic homicide and men’s behavioural change

In this week’s episode, my wonderful friend Ada Conroy welcomed me into her kitchen to discuss men’s behavioural change, domestic abuse, working in the family violence sector and how our own shame can be confronted to create meaningful change and accountability.

Ada does incredibly important work in the family violence sector, and shares some of her nuggets of wisdom with me. My favourites from this episode are:

  • Sorry is a behaviour, not a word
  • We are planting seeds in a forest we may not get to spend time in
  • If you’re going to bang your head against a brick wall, try to do it where there’s a crack

We also talk about Buffy and its toxic creator Joss Whedon, asking what does it mean to separate art from the artist.

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