Big Sister Hotline: S2E5, Feat. CARA MACB

CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains discussion of fatphobia, eating disorders and disordered eating, sexual experiences involving men’s desires that may be triggering for some people

Hurrah! This week’s episode features the amazing Cara MacB, creator of the brilliant “OBCC Helpline”. As Nanny MacB, she uses TikTok and Instagram to call out fatphobia in an hysterically funny way. We have an incredible conversation in this episode about how people end up co-opted into internalised systems of hatred: internalised fatphobia, misogyny and adherence to patriarchy. Cara and I discuss the choices we can make as parents to change the patterns we both learned about food and bodies when we were growing up and the concept of loving the inside of your body as well as the outside. What does it mean for our relationships with other women - and in particular, our mothers - when we make the (sometimes scary!) choice to walk away from diet culture.

From little sisters, we answered questions about what makes a ‘decent’ man (for those of us unfortunate enough to be attracted to them lololol) and what to do if your new boyfriend’s sexual repertoire is not just out of a porn handbook but how self care extends to the kind of sex we’re willing to tolerate. 

I really love this episode and I know you will too!

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