Big Sister Hotline: S2E9, Feat. YVES REES

CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains discussion of gender dysphoria, transphobia and a brief reference to eating disorders.

Hello, and welcome to the Big Sister Hotline! We’re coming to you from Melbourne, home of lockdowns, riots and earthquakes! It is a very strange time to be alive!!!

What has made it easier this week is reading the BEAUTIFUL new memoir “All About Yves: Notes From A Transition”, by the extraordinary Dr. Yves Rees. At the age of 30, Rees became aware that they were trans. Their memoir is a stunning journey through identity, self awareness and how one can strive to ‘live the questions’ in their life. 

In this episode, we talk about the power of trans narratives, trans joy and how disrupting regressive ideas of gender is liberating for humanity as a whole. We also address a question from a listener who is questioning their gender identity, and how disrupting hierarchies of power is reflected in gender diverse and non conforming people. This is a joyful episode!

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