Big Sister Hotline: S02E14 Feat. LAURA NAGY

This week, I talk to filmmaker, podcaster and story doula, LAURA NAGY. Laura's most recent work is a podcast series on Audible. When Laura experienced a bad break up, she turned to the world of ASMR and 'partner experiences' to find comfort. What she didn't expect to encounter was her own healing from past sexual experiences. This week's episode focuses on:

SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: Portugal has recently announced it will make it illegal for employees to be contacted by employers outside of work hours. What does this mean for workers in creative industries, and could such a thing ever be implemented? We discuss the recent shooting death of Halyna Hutchins on the set of RUSH and the general expectation that crew members eat shit and be grateful for it.

THE MEATY MIDDLE: ASMR and the world of partner experiences, plus how these pursuits can help people to navigate sexual consent and their own past experiences of trauma.

THE JOYFUL BIT: Laura talks about her fondness for 90s' TV dramas.

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