Big Sister Hotline: S02E10, Feat. RACHEL MCPHAIL

CONTENT NOTE: This episode contains discussion of racism, colonisation, and reference to Aboriginal deaths from Covid. There is also a question that relate to stalking and threatening behaviour.

Hello, and welcome to the Big Sister Hotline! I took a break last week because I was recording my audio book (HOW WE LOVE, out on November 2!) But I’m back this week, and joined by the very wonderful RACHEL MCPHAIL! 

Rachel is a proud Gomeroi woman and activist, whose campaign to establish a database of First Nations place names in addresses very quickly became one of the most popular petitions on

In this episode, Rachel talks about the importance of preserving the knowledge of Aboriginal elders, and deferring to Aboriginal leadership. We discuss how systemic change is possible if we just have political will. From Little Sisters, we answer questions about how to overcome heartbreak (with no small amount of help from Taylor Swift), and how patriarchy has conditioned girls and women to see relationships as being the thing that completes them rather than something that complements their life. We also address a question about concerning behaviour from a wannabe male suitor. 

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